Making your mind up is only the start…

I am finding that decisions form an increasingly important part of my role, so I was intrigued by this ComputerWorld article about reasons for decisions failing to deliver – Why decisions don’t stick

  • did somebody make a decision?
  • it was just a discussion!
  • it doesn’t apply to me!
  • it didn’t make any sense!

So did it seem that making the decision was difficult? The lesson here from CW is that communicating the decision can be even harder, but is certainly vital to your success. You need to make sure that you tell people you made it, that it sticks, that it needs to be adhered to, and most importantly why, so that people can internalise it themselves.

If you don’t bother sharing it, definitively, assignably and clearly, then you may as well be still scratching your head going “ummm, ahhh …”