Did we forget to put our #1 deliverables in the plan?

Planning a project is a opportunity to look forward to what we expect to deliver, working out the list of activities that move us from where we are to where we want to be, and marking the major stages of achievement along the way.

Think for a moment about a very simple model of what we are working towards. In order to implement process A, we need delivery framework B to connect system C to information source D, then we provide training E to customers F. Doesn’t that sum it up in a nutshell?

But hang on, how come we are even doing this in the first place? What was it that justified our very existence as a project? Well, chances are that someone pitched a business case to some executive sponsors and showed how a short term investment would bring long term benefits, either by increasing revenues, or as so often with major operations by reducing costs. Read the rest of this entry »