Will rightsourcing allow you to balance strategic service with tactical delivery?

Towards the end of a project to outsource a large section of a company’s infrastructure I learned that a previous IT Director was very proud of her decision a few years beforehand to insource much of what we were putting back out. Looking into the reasons for both of these transitions you could conclude that there is a right time to have stable operations run at a low fixed cost, and there is a right time to increase the cost, and the risk of cost escalation, in order to allow rapid change by removing barriers and pooling knowledge tightly within a highly skilled team.

Well if both are valid at times, could they not both be valid at the same time? Is there not a case for “rightsourcing”?

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A simple road to success

Have you ever heard of something, and thought it was a good idea?

Great! The good news is that you’re already on your way to achieving it. The bad news is that 9 out of 10 times simply agreeing that it’s a good idea is not enough.

Ok, so why not make the clear decision that you are going to aim for this goal? Much better – but still, you’ll fail three times out of four.

Do you want to know what can bring you success a full 19 times out of 20?

Just increase your commitment by including another person and a review…
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