Look who’s been doing my market research for me!

As an independent professional working in Information Services in the UK, I prefer to specialise in blue chip organisations. I think you’ll agree that this places a nice firm definition on my target market. Well you can imagine how happy I was to find that CIO Magazine’s UK website publishes a rather neat list of the 100 most important companies in my market, and with a paragraph summary of each, the name of the head of IT, and a handy page describing many of the current key directions and challenges.

CIO 100 Gallery – Top 100 Companies In The UK For IT – CIO UK Magazine

Blow me down if that’s not just what I need, being handed to me on a plate, for free. 🙂 Ok, I know that others can see this, just as I can, and they may be competing with me (delivering similar services, or attempting to get in the same person’s diary), but have a look at some of what is there and you can see the potential power of this information.

Also, because CIO’s needs are import to my career potential, its really handy to get an understanding of what they see as their concerns – for example 70% of CIOs of global companies see Consolidation is a very important challenge (source: CIO Executive Council poll, May 2007)

Hats off to IDG’s CXO media for doing my market research for me – long may they continue…